Dr Ali Murat YILMAZ
Who is Dr Ali Murat YILMAZ?

I was born in Malatya, one of the eastern provinces of TURKEY in 1970. I graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 1993 and joined the Internal Medicine Department of the same University.  In 1999 I was an internal medicine specialist.  Currently,  I’m the manager of a little but important "medical center" named "Belde TIP Merkezi" in Istanbul-Turkey. I’m married and have a kid with Dandy-Walker Syndrome. I’ve noticed that there were a lot of web-pages on that disease in English but none in Turkish.  Therefor, I created a Turkish website and then translated it into English. I’ll try to answer any of your questions on this topic and help you. You can write anything you want; questions, feelings, opinions, comments..etc. to me.

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My Son With DWS


I have a son with DWS;

He was born at 1995 and shunted for two times.

He can not see around,

he can not walk or even sit now.

But we love him so much.

Click to see my son with DWS...